Thursday, March 15, 2012

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{begin: Newton Part 26 link dump}

Statist Ideology

Corruption and arrogance

(@4:17 for Cronyism in a nutshell!)

Foreign Affairs

Election soak the rich pander to envy and class warfare
250K vs. 1M limit … wrong choice Barry

Referendum on MSM

Grass Roots Left vs. Right

Battle for Future Meaning of ‘Freedom’

Medicaid refusals … FL, VA, ????

Conclusion and aftermath

“Because GOP needs all the help …”

Can’t wait to get back to silly stuff that doesn't have existential implications … 

{end: Newton Part 26 link dump}

Fox News: It's 'Renewable' But Not 'Storable.' Come Again?

Atlas Shrugs: It's All in the Sharia Family

American Thinker: From One Libya, Two

Ace of Spades: Stimulating Threads

Daily Caller: Breitbart's Greatest Hits

Wizbang: Crony Capitalist Contraceptionism

Backyard Conservative: 'Women For Rush' Founded in Anne's Backyard

Weekly Standard: Mittens' Nomination is Unilateral Disarmament on the Biggest Issue of the Day

AEI: The Reports of the Economy's Recovery Are Greatly Exaggerated

Cato: And They Ask Me Why I Drink

Common Cents: Newt Gives Video Seminar On Handling Biased MSM Hacks

Carbonite - keeping your data safe by telling you to sit down and shut up

Leave Us Alone and We'll Let You Alone.  That's How The Conservative Fusion Works.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Stupid or Treasonous? (Tehranian Candidate Edition)

The Apology From Flyover Country

All Power Flows From the Barrel of an Audit
(hat tip Political Brambles)

On What's Wrong With Candidate Romney Richie Rich

Saved For Super Tuesday

How To Keep a Secret ... Don't Tell Your Fair Weather Friends

Shouldn't Looking Up the Actual Meaning Of a Word Be Required of 'Journalists?'

Shouldn't Lookink Up the Actual Rules Of a Religion Be Required of 'Journalists?'

Constitution, shmostitution
[video of brain dead DemoHack)

A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations

On Why the GOP's Competitive Primary Knock-Down-Drag-Out is Necessary and Useful

Memo; to: Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell, from: Western Civilization - We want a divorce, Good Luck With Your 7th Century Misery Pits

Meanwhile, Western Civilization's Junior Partner is Protecting the Senior Partner's Arse.

Barry Leading From Behind - Again.
(Price at the Pump Edition)

Oops.  We Weren't Scheduled For $8 Gas Until *After* the Election

Got Shariah?  You Need Shariah Busters!

Paying the Leftist Price at the Pump

When Did Corporal Klinger Become Our National Symbol?

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"
(Erudite Version)

LAS Announces 'Crackers For Assuring Constitutional Liberty' (CRACL)

TEA Party 'Occupying' GOP
(From the Bottom Up)

I Just Reached a Compromise With Myself.  My Conscience For My Accounting Process.

'Obama Girl' Feels Jilted.  (Ruh-Roh, Barry!)

BREAKING NEWS: Wheat Belt Now Extends Into Minnesota.  World Hunger Problem Solved. 

Vote, For Chrissake!
[h/t That Mr G Guy Blog]

The Great Santelli - Mr. 'You Can't Handle the Truth!' Tells It Right Again.

Food Nazis On Parade

On Why Demagogues Have No Need For Math

Media Matters, a Division of Soros, Inc. - The Prospectus

Next Bid, Please, Barry.

TYVM! Senator Snarky Will Be at CPAC All Week! 

It Sucks to Have to Suck All the Time

Go Ahead, Bail Me Out, Punk. #3

Go Ahead, Bail Me Out, Punk. #2

Go Ahead, Bail Me Out, Punk. #1

Occupy - The Eulogy

And It's OK In Light Bulbs?  WTF, Gus?!

Fair is Fair
(Except When It's Not)

On Mittens' Tin Ear

American Nominated For Nobel Peace Treason Prize
(And It's Not Barry This Time!)

Principle Or Self?  Choose In 3, 2, 1 ...

They Are Animals ... The Lighter Side

Yeah, Sure ... Maybe Some Day They Will Actually Vote the Way They Self-Describe ...

R U Peter or Paul?  
(Maybe Both?)

With Judges Like This, Who Needs Radicals?

In Which the Unintended Consequences Are Quite Unsavory

More Regarding Mittens the Hun Burning Down His Own House

On the Scorched Earth Campaign Waged By Mittens the Hun

B-A-R-R-Y F-A-I-L, By the Numbers

The Debate From Conservative Hell
(A Premonition)

It's the Spending, Stupid!

 I Bet You Didn't Think This Was In It Before You Read It

More Green Down the 'Green' Rat Hole

The Stay-At-Home-Mom the G-O-P-Establishment Had Better F-E-A-R

Is Anybody Keeping Strict Count of the 'Stimulus' 'Investments' Gone Chapter 11?

Seminar: Bureaucracy is a Self-Sustaining Organism

Public School Superintendent Waterboards Student Freedom Fighter

Econ 101 For Dummies

Reverse Discrimination Rejected By Popular Demand

15 Yard Penalty For 'Unnecessary Jihad'
(CAIR Throws the Challenge Flag - Now Under Booth Review)

Stupid or Treasonous? (Stimulus Smoking Gun Memo Edition)
[And You Thought Stimulus Was a Harmless Steaming Pile]

Project Fix the Vote

Stupid or Treason? (Community-Agitator-In-Chief Edition)
[Keystone Pipeline Kibosh]

Stupid or Treason? (Appeaser-In-Chief Edition)
[Nuclear Tipped Iran]

Why Leonard Read's Pencil Beats Barry in 2012

More Proof Elections Are Merely An Inconvenience To Leftists

It's Not de Tocqueville's America Anymore
(Or, For That Matter, Ward Cleaver's)

Paen To LEGAL Immigration

How Much Does the Establishment Loath Newt? ... Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis Much!

Signs of Synaptic Activity On the Left

Calling a Spade a Spade is the First Step

Field Guide For Spotting Liberals

Noose Tightening on 'Fast and Furious'
[h/t Nice Deb]

The General Theory of 'Make Work'

Everything You Need To Know About Why Ron Paul Can't Be President

The Rubberbandman Wears a Turban?
(Or ... Imam Speak With Forked Tongue)

Operation Chaos
(SC 2012 GOP Primary Edition)

The Athiest-In-Chief Preaches From the Pulpit

OccupyDC Overpromises, Underdelivers
(What, Again?)

Video Seminar: Reverse Racism
[video ... duh!]

In Praise of the Skyscraper
(Building For Land Conservation)

Dumbest Magazine Cover Ever Spawns Contest

Continental Dominoes Lined Up

In Defense of Creative Destruction
(And Why We Should Hate Bailouts)

Too Many Yuan To Pass Up For Google

Big Brother Has Decided Your Internet Account Should Be Disabled

Battle For the GOP's Soul: Round 25

Live Free and Vote Dead
[video - zombies vote in NH primary]

Next President Will "Inherit" a Very Dangerous World From BHO

In Defense of Capitalism

Bibi Taking Care of Business?

The Progressive Beer Payment System
(Not Your Father's Game of  'Quarters')

1-50.  0-49.  The Record On This One Sucks, Barry.

Words ... Just Words ...
(On Fascists, Liberals, and Liberal Fascism)

'Creative Destruction': A Narrative
[h/t Political Brambles]

Stupid or Treasonous?  (Missile Defense Appeasement Edition)

Better to Live Under the Invisible Hand Than the Central Planner

It Takes an Illegal Encampment To Abandon a Child

Warning: The Fourth Estate Makes You Dumb and Dumber

Lies, Damned Lies, and Everything Barry Says
[h/t Paco Enterprises]

Crony Waiverism.

Obama's Blank Check Satirized
[video - to commemorate the day National Debt = National GDP]

Pyrrhic "recovery" By the Numbers

GOP Campaign Stump Tutorial For 2012
(Unfortunately, It's Mittens and Not Christie Running)

The Dim Green Bulbs Keep Piling Up

"Department of Just Us" Under Orders To Protect Undocumented Democrats [h/t Flopping Aces]

The Intersection of Social Media and Alfred Kinsey is Idea Babies

Crony Capitalists Make Lousy CEOs

'Justice' is DEFINITELY Not 'Fairness'
(Golf Handicap Edition)

Iraq Still Falling Apart Right On Schedule

Tyranny! (Recess Appointment Abuse of Power Edition)

Adam Smith: From Peking To Fargo

Who Dat?  Born Where?  By Whom?

And the Charts Simply Scream Out: "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

Happy New Year, Patriots.  Now Get To Work!

A Tutorial On Property Rights

Oh, That Explains My In Box This Evening
(Attention To Detail Never Was an NYT Strong Suit)

Progressives, the Barry Regime, Political Correctness, and Secular Humanism In One Neat Little Presidential Statement

Tyranny! (Protecting Undocumented Democrats From State Voter ID Laws)

Happy New Year From the Communist Party USA

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Budget

Occupy the Afterlife

Lies, Damned Lies, and Everything Democrats Tell You
(Annual Awards Banquet Edition)

Iraq Falling Apart Right On Schedule

Sheriff Joe For Czar of Border Control
(Eric Holder For Prison Jumpsuit)

Poison for Gaia, Good For Bambino

Barry the Progressive Know-It-All Know-Nothing
[EnergizerMobile Edition]

Occupy Sweet Cribs

Reasons I Will Vote For a #2 Pencil Over Obama
(#99 - Crony Capitalism)

This Is Why We Need Newt In 2012
(video - Tutorial On Beating Back Alinsky Tactics)

Passing Notes Around the Conservative Coalition

He Who Governs Most, Governs Worst
[video - incl. a lovely lass]

Don't Try This At Home

Green Is Good (On the Heat Map, That Is)

"The largest private employer in Saginaw, Michigan will soon be the city government of Beijing"
(Yep, That's About It)

Porkuli 2, 3, and 4
(Stealth Editions)

Jacobins in Cairo. (Still Losers On the Street)

Stream of Oil To Gulf Refineries.  No-Brainer.  Stream Of Consciousness on Keystone Pipeline.  Way Too Complicated For This Simple Mind.

Oh, Those Evil, Greedy, Fascist, Racist Republicans

About Damn Time
(Fannie and Freddie Perp Walk Edition)

Asleep At the Switch

"Collective Punishment"? Not Under My Constitution.

Matthews: Canary In the Coal Mine For the Coming MSM Meltdown
(Guaranteed To Be Very Public and Very Ugly)
[video - h/t GP]

Breaking Down The Affirmative Action POTUS

Occupy 10% Success Rate

Deconstructing Muddled Mumbo-Jumbo

A Report of 'Business As Usual' From the Mother Land

Morlocks, Eloi, and the Intertubes.

Donkeys Can't Follow the News

Donkeys Don't Know Econ

Donkeys Can't Do Math

Predictable 'Cop-Out' In Durban

Uninvited 'Drop-In' In Durban

#OWS Failed Media Marketing

A Ten Part Lesson Countering the MSM Caricature of Conservatives

#Occupy Isn't Cute, Clever, or Funny, Mister.

Bread and Circuses Are Kinda Nice - For Awhile

The Devil Always Being In the Details, Of Course

Tank Battles Coming To the Sinai (obtw - Thanks, Barry)
(h/t GP)

Where Are All These Black CEO's For Less Gub'ment Coming From?

OccupyDC Jumps the Shark
("Meeting of Doom"? AYFKM?)

It Still Ain't Over Until the Fat Lady Sings
(Herman Cain Down, But Definitely Not Out Edition)

Movements Gone Wild

A Report From Jerusalem Concerning Those Mysterious Explosions In Iran

Bibi Taking Care of Business?
(That's LAS' Operating Theory)

It Turns Out the Empty Suit Left Fingerprints
('Fast and Furious' Smoking Gun Edition)

E2E: "Increase" = "Slash" At WaPo When It Comes To Gub'ment $

Where Are All the Druids?
(Well, actually, here.)

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings
(Herman Cain Still Standin' and Fightin')

Get a Hearing Aid, Fer Cryin' Out Loud!

Save My Fannie - And My Freddie, Too!

Gettysburg For #OWS
(LAS Expecting Appomattox Will Be McPherson Square)

An Immigration Policy LAS Can Endorse

A Deterministic View On Egypt
(Hint: The Determination Ain't Good)

Straight Talk On the Scientific Method
(ClimateGate 2.0 Edition)

(Un)Equal Protection Under The Laws
(Abuse of Power in Richmond, VA)

Handicapping the Election In the Land of the Pharaohs

The Proof That a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Occupation Clearing Operations To Begin in L.A.

That's Just How I Like My Cars ... Slow, Low Range, and Explosive While Parked.

The Islamist Electoral Landslide Begins

Pay No Attention To the Leftist Propagandist Behind the Curtain

The Cost (To We The People) of Doing Business (With Barry's Bolshevik Brigades)

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears!
(Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Edition)

Death Panels On the March

Islamist Winter - The Kickoff

On Deliberate Deliberations Being a Conservative Virtue

Sometimes, Being Conservative Means 'Extremism In the Defense of Liberty'
(We Are Living In Such a Time)

What Happens When Useful Idiots, Lifelong Criminals, Protest Hobbyists, and the Professional Left Throw an Outdoor Slumber Party? ... Full Life Cycle Socialist Dystopia!
[Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld]

LAS and Gopher Seeing Eye To Eye

Let's Just Have a Knock-Down-Drag-Out Election
(Like the Founders Intended)

Bureaucracy Uber Alles!

Barry 25% Worse Than Dubya In 1/4 the Time
[Hat Tip: Mind Numbed Robot]

Chris Matthews, MSM Hack, Goes To Confessional
(What happened to the tingly feeling, Tingles?)

Sung To the Tune of "L'Internationale"

Bein' Progressive Ain't Easy These Days

Do As I Say, Not As I Do
(Crony Capitalist, i.e. James Taggart, Edition - video)


Another Reason Nancy Should Have Read The Bill To Find Out What Was In It

Bohemian Diplomacy

"When you sign on as somebody's rank and file ... you'd better understand that you are expendable"

 Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee ... ObamaCare Monstrosity

Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee ... Corrupt and Biased MSM.

Timing Is Everything
(For The Most Transparent Administration Ever)

The Only Crony Who's Cronier Than Immelt is Buffet

Anarchy Sucks.
[Hat Tip: Moonbattery]

There is No God-Given Right To Never Feel 'Uncomfortable'

If Half the People Get the Idea the Other Half Will Work For Them ... They Come Up With Some Damn Hashtag, Pitch Tents In Public Spaces Without Permits, Chant Nonsense In Zombie-Like Repetition, March On Museums, Whine, Moan, Beat Their Chests In Bewilderment ... And Finally the Smart Ones Go Home To Daddy's McMansion While the Rest Are Stuffed Into Paddy Wagons

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child
(And Create an Aimless Mob a Quarter Century Later)

World's Worst Mom Takes the Kids Out Protestin' Da Man

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Block Has Got To Go!
(I'd Give Him One More Strike, But That's Just Me)

How To Win The Coming War With Iran ... DRILL, BABY, DRILL!
[video - ok, audio with a nice picture anyway]

Another Talented Artist I May Never Be Able To Watch Again: Because She Has Self-Identified As an Idiot, Dummkopf, Botcha-Galoot (that's "Cabbage Head"), Moron

Rounding Up the Usual Suspects

Stick To Your Day Job, Barry
(And, By That, I Mean Community Agitator)

Civil Society and Occupier Lunatics Now Eyeing One Another Nervously
(This Won't End Well)

Slouching Towards Gomorrah ... Cluelessly

Stupid or Treasonous? (Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory Edition)


I March, Therefore I Am.

(Now, Why Would They Do That?)

Sorry, That's Beneath My Morality.

Sorry, That's Below My Pay Grade

Because The Talking Point is 'Occupy Wall Street' Not 'Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue'

Oakland Scheduled To Be Burned To the Ground: Feckless Mayor Lights First Match


Our Black Guy Sings Better, Too.

Crony Socialists Make Terrible Investors
(Gee, Whoulda Thunk It?)

Herman Needs Bubba!

#OccupyFAIL Collides With the Law of Diminishing Returns.
(So Good, I Had To Break My Own Rule The Comment s/b Distinct From the ARL Link)

Mile High Anarchy

Astroturf.  Martyr.  #OccupyWTF.  NBC. Brian Williams.  Heh.

(Un)Equal Protection Under The Law
(Richmond, VA Edition)

Have You Self-Actualized?
(See Maslow)

Astroturf is as Astroturf Does
(And, Believe Me, It's All They Do)

In an [Islamist] Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve
(My reply to 'steve h' expected to be moderated tomorrow - Heritage is a 9-to-5 operation, after all)

Grass Roots Call To Board the Cain Train

TEA vs. Flea (The Arrest Record)

How's That Moldy Gub'ment Cheese?

The "Progressive" Evolution From Aimless to Restless to Criminal
(Coming to an #Occupy Encampment Near You Soon)

Stupid or Treasonous?
("Do the Math" Edition)

"You Don't Have a Freakin' Clue."
(The #OWS Beat Down Training Video)

Can't Get There From Here
(Comparing the Tea Party and Flea Party Movements)

So Long, Baghdad, It Was So Nice Knowin' Ya.

One Rant In Ohio

Community Organizing, Tehran Style

The Lament of the Young Conservative

Forget The Messenger.  Shoot The Rotten Message.  Now. With Extreme Prejudice.

OWS Family Values

More Proof There is an Episode From 'The Show About Nothing' To Cover Anything

Utopia is No Replacement For the Free Market

The Most Anti-Climactic Regime Change Ever.  Evah.

Coleman Tents and Repetitive Chants Under Moonlight.  Sounds Like Fun To Me.

Matt Lauer Nominates Himself For Dumbest Interview Question of 2011

Meanwhile ...
[The Jihadi Next Door Edition]

OWS Rant Receives Justice - Swiftly and With Extreme Prejudice

It's Official! BHO Owns OWS.
[And a Match Made In Heaven It Is]

FCC = Federal Crony Communications

In What Kind of Wacky Administration Does an Invasion of Uganda Barely Merit Mention?
(see below)

What Happens in San Fran Stays In San Fran.  Maybe.
[photo essay - Zombie of PJM]

Punking Occupiers is So Easy - St. Louis Edition

Those Who Lack the Courage of Their Convictions Pick the Easy Fights

A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste (So They Say)

Dylan Ratigan, Propagandist.
[h/t Just One Minute]

President Zero and the Search For the Holy 99%

A Spokesman For the Misanthropic Left Pontificates On Human Lives As Omelettes
[video from Camp Stinky Freedom Plaza]

Left.  Astroturf.  Fail.  Duh.
[hat tip: Nice Deb]

It's Because Our Black Guy is Smarter Than Their Black Guy

What Do You Mean By 'If He Intended ...?'

A Day In the Life of the One Percenter

Sanitation Showdown at Camp Stinky in Zuccotti - Prologue

The Rant of the DREAM Act Lawyer
[2nd Vid]

Memo To Eric "My People" Holder: The Noose is Closing Quickly and Furiously.

In Obama's America ... 99 = 47.

Life In the Bunker
[LMAO funny video]

It Takes a Village To Raise a Democrat

Occupiers Punked!
[DC Edition - video]

Profile of the Man-Child Tyrant

Shocker!  Uber Duper Commission Shaping Up as Leftist Trick to Gut Pentagon and Blame Republicans for Medicare Cuts.

Occupiers Punked!
[Wall Street Edition - video]

What We Need Here is M.O.R.E. Committees For Consensus Approval
[This is What Idiocracy Looks Like - video]

Occupydc - Gonzo Edition

And the Consensus Is ... WTF?
[ROTFLMAO funny video]

Who is Crony Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar?

Click Alfred.

CO2 ... Rehabilitated

Dingy Harry Hits Panic Button
(No Matter, It's All About 2012 Now)

Stupid or Treasonous? (Does it Really Matter Anymore?)

Click Alfred.

So, How's the Mobocracy Workin' Out Fer Ya So Far?

Also Part of the Plan (Cloward-Piven, Ayers, Jones, Obama, et. al.)

All Part of the Plan.  Cloward-Piven, That Is.

Greedy Capitalists Hoping For Change

I Repeat Marxist Rhetoric, Therefore I Am

Depends On What the Meaning of 'Right Away' Is

Depends On What the Meaning of 'When' Is

President Alfred E. Neuman Interviewed

Save the Steam Powered Train
Or not.

Crony Pantherism.  With Pictures.

Another Black Millionaire Against Class Warfare

Memo To Lunatic Left:  It's Freedom Of Religion, Not Freedom From Religion.

... And LAS Remembers When 'Profiling' Was Simply Known as 'Smart Detective Work'

Benjamin Franklin: "A Republic If You Can Keep It."

The Ten Minute Seminar On the Leftist Zombie

Bad Guy Taken Down.  American Citizen Assassinated By Executive Order.
[What's Wrong With This Picture?]

On Making the Chosen One Angry

BHO's Legacy Will Be ... Democrat Party Goes the Way Of the Dodo

Here's One They Missed For 'Recovery Summer'

On 'Irony' Not Being In the Politically Correct Dictionary

Crony Socialism - Chapter Yet Another G-D One

These "Remote Control" Airplanes Aren't What I Had On a String When I Was a Kid
[And, Man, Did it Make Me Dizzy]

Destroy Economy Based on Bad Science.  What's Not To Like?
[Economy Punishment Agency (EPA) Edition]

Let It Be

WTF? Democrat Governor Says Congressional Elections Should Be Suspended.  Really.

Tyranny! [Federal Bureaucrat Zombie Army Edition]

Community-Agitator-In-Chief Speaks In Code To His Brown Shirts

The Empty Suit is Coming Apart at the Seams

999 - Great Idea - And Not Just Because It's 666 Upside Down, Either.

Because Our Black Guy is Smarter Than Their Black Guy! 

Rep. Allen West Understands "You Get More of What You Subsidize"

Bibi - Stand Up Guy (Live).
[video - 38 historic minutes]

Tyranny! (Screw the Poor Asthmatic Kid  Edition)

Tyranny! (Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire Edition)

Group Therapy For Middle East Peace

The Death of a Salesman

Where Can You Find a Dozen Trial Lawyers?  At Your Next Job Interview.

Captain (President) 'Sock Puppet' To Go Down With the SS 'Progressive Ideology'
(Part 1 - Soak the Rich)

Captain (President) 'Sock Puppet' To Go Down With the SS 'Progressive Ideology'
(Part 2 - Keep Spending Like a Drunken Sailor)

We Have Met the Enemy ... And They Are Us

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho - ObamaCare Has Got to Go!
(And Barry's Desperate Tax Plan, Too)

Report the SSA to the SEC ... Here's How.
[Very Entertaining Video]

Lightsquared ... GPS for the NWO

LAS' New Favorite GOP Congressman Pranks President 'Pass This Bill'

Economic Death By Regulation
[Hat Tip: Larwyn's Linx]

Only In Your Dreams
[Fantasy Obama Speechification Edition]

There He Goes Again

The $4.8 Million Job
[Hey, I Could Nothing For Half That!]

Should Leftist Cartoonists Who Misrepresent the Meaning of Words Be Allowed to Vote?

Panic Arises Within the Donkey Herd
[LAS Advises an Aggressive Program of Continuously Thinning the Herd]

Stupid Is As Stupid Does
(Green Jobs Rat Hole Edition)

Crony Goonionism (Alinsky Rule 5 Edition)

Socialism = Really "Fair" Distribution of Misery

Lifetime Record: Invisible Hand 99, Clenched Fist 0

"All That For a F*ckin' Flag."
[video - the kind that makes a Patriot's blood boil]

White House Celebrates (Big) Labor Day - 2011

Crony Goonionism (Edu-ma-cation Edition)

What Did Barry Know, and When Did He Know It?
[Solyndra Financial Rat Hole Edition]

If it Walks Like Ponzi, and it Quacks Like Ponzi ...

Li'L Richie Trumka: Doctor of Thugonomics

Sue Me Yours, and I'll Sue You Mine ...

A 12 Step Program You Can Believe In

What Wonderful Things Idle Hands Will Do ...

Crescent and Star ... Rising

Twitter For Libs - It's Like Giving Catnip To a Mean Alley Cat

The Land of Lincoln (and Obama!) Yields To Fiscal Reality

A Berlin Speech You Can Believe In

The Labor Day Special Presentation: Speechification is Hard Work!
[video - Hoffa, then Barry]

A Sentient Prediction For What To Expect From Barry's J-O-B-S Speech

What Did Barry Know, and When Did He Know It?
[Smoking Gun Email Edition]

So, Why Are Keynes and Pickett Becoming Synonomous In My Mind?

So, Where Are All the Flying Monkeys?
[Hat Tip: Neo-NeoCon]

Tales of Porkulus Fails (Greenonomics Edition)

Crony Barryism On the Wireless Spectrum

Explaining the Thing That Makes a Rising Tide Lift All Boats

What Did Barry Know and When Did He Know It?

National Labor REDUCTION Board (NLRB) Hard at Work

It's Not the Messenger, Folks

A Tale of Two Parties
(The Photo Essay)

Uncle Fester Nabbed

The Original is Always the Best
(By Definition - the Invention is the Thing)

SeLEFTive (that is, "selective") Standards in the Fourth Estate

BHO Promotes Economic Genius That Came Up With 'Cash For Clunkers'

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Religion!

Way Past Time to Reverse the Reverse Federalism (Discrimination)

Portrait of the Holy Land
(Calm Before the Storm Edition)

Tyranny! (DOJ Fail Blog Edition)

She Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Tiny Polka Dot ... Burka?

Exposing the Crony Goonion Vig

Hey, Small Biz Owner  - Did You Know This Guy is Your Lobbyist?

Tyranny! (Willful Neglect Edition)

Who's Side Are These Guys On, Anyway?

Tyranny! (WTF? Edition)

Progressive Speak With Forked Tongue
[video] [really good video] [super important video]

Tales of Stimulus Fails
(Turning a Perfectly Good Food Into a Crappy Fuel Edition)

Barry, You're Doing a Heckuva Job (/sarc)

The Conservative Blogosphere Breaks Out Into Theological Debate

Memo To Gub'ment:  Your Allowance is Big Enough Already

Meet the New Crony (Goonion), Same as the Old Crony (Capitalist)

This Is One Greek Example the US Should Follow

Oh, That's Who They Are
[Video - Rated Ugly]

What's Good For Thee Is Not Good For Me
[ObamaCare Waiver Hypocrisy]

Democrat 2012 Playbook Revealed
[Hint: Not Pretty]

Dirty Money, Wasted

Tales of Porkulus Fails (Green Corporate Welfare Edition)

Tyranny! (Stealth Amnesty Redux)

President Downgrade's Economy Will Be the End of the Road For the Saul Alinsky Candidate

Tyranny! (Stealth Amnesty Edition)

Stuck On Keynesian Stupid -or- Hell Bent On Alinskyite Revolution?

Goonion Thuggery On the Rise
[Strap on the Crash Helmet, You're Going to Need It]

Law of Nations, Sovereignty Chapter, Flotilla Killa Clause

Anarchy In the U.K. (Root Cause Analysis Edition)

Memo to BHO: Stop Helping.  Really.  Now.

Yeah, That's What We Need - Another Department of Redundancy Bureau.

Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!
[President Downgrade's Jobs Plans]

"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice"

"In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve"
[Milton Friedman?] - [video]

The Blogger Candidate Leaves Iowa With Tail Between His Legs

Tyranny! (FEC Intimidation Edition)

Tyranny! (DOJ CYA Edition)

The Argument For Taxing Consumption Instead of Income
[Makes Sense To Me, Even It's Lost On Warren Buffet]

Ruh Roh!  Really.  No Kidding.

Bad Paper, Bad Paper, Whatj-ya-gonna-do?

Joe Wilson Was Right

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
[In Progressive Land]

ObamaCare On the Ropes
[Elena Kagan Frantically Trying To Find The Smelling Salts]

How Many Times Does 'Stimulus' Have To Fail To Convince the 'Educated Class'?
[Hat Tip: Backyard Conservative]

Q:  What Do You Call People Who Feel Entitled To Everything and Responsible For Nothing?
A:  The Progressive Voter Base

Anarchy In the U.K. (Liberal Opinion)
[Hat Tip: Wyatt's Torch]

Anarchy In the U.K. (Conservative Opinion)
[Hat Tip: Left Coast Rebel]

Trust Me, I Wouldn't Cross Able-Bodied Sikhs Protecting Private Property
[Hat Tip: Fausta]

Not If "Project Vote" BHO and Eric "My People" Holder Have Something To Say About It ...

LAS Bullish on 2013

'In a Democracy, The People Get the Government They Deserve'
[Alexis de Tocqueville]

Is That a Violin I Hear Emanating From 1600 Penn?

Mark Your Calendar - And Bring Your Cameras
[Good mug shot hunting guaranteed]

And These Are the 'High Achievers'

Nutter To the Ghetto = Nixon To China

Soros, Inc Writes Off Bad Investment In Wisconsin

Yes, But What About the Creased Pants and Tingly Thrills Up the Leg?

Prince of Denmark Rules

The Post-Alinsky Leftist Manifesto

'Fast and Furious' - The Whiff of a Smoking Gun Emerges

Words, Just Words.
(President WTF *Still* Has No Plan Edition)

The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Progressive Hacks

The Leftist Always Sees a Free Lunch - Because Somebody Else Picks Up the Tab

Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls, Lefties.


Hopenchange Won't Work as an Excuse Like It Worked as an Empty Promise.  Trust Me.

The Goracle ... a Really Huge Canary In the Coal Mine of the Progressive Meltdown

AA+ ... And Sinking ... Today's Rating For American Progressivism

Is the Leftist Meltdown Reaching Crital Mass?

My Favorite Quote from this guy: "When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Going"
[Fall In!]

Congressional Craaaaaaazy Talk

Take Your New Tone and Shove It
[Hat Tip: Hyscience]

Complete and Utter Bullshit - a Classic From the Master Himself

The Unnecessary Apology

And Gabby Giffords Showed Up, Too

Being Liberal Means Never Having To Grow Up

The Cost of Government Meddling
[Energy Sector Edition]

They're Not Actually This Stupid, Are They?

Reports From the Field In Barry's Dysconomy
[Sound post-apocalyptic to me]

Why Does President WTF Still Have No Plan?

"Fast and Furious": Bureau-Weenie Beat Down

"Fast and Furious" - Curiouser and Curiouser

DNC 2012 Outreach to Undocumented Democrats Already In Progress

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
(Witness Tampering Edition)

Constitutional Conservatism: a Seminar

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
(Revision of History Edition)

The Fatal Conceit of the Statist (Automotive Design Edition)

The Demagogue Dance Explained In Four Easy Steps

Meanwhile, In the Part of the World That Supplies Most of Our Fossil Fuel

Stupid or Treasonous? (He Just Can't Say "Yes" Edition)

Orwell Was Right. (Except for the Timeline and Means of Oppression)
[Hat Tip: The Lonely Conservative]

Calling a Red a Red

Yeah, I Voted For That Guy.  I'll Do it Again, Too.

Stupid or Treasonous?
(CeilingScare Edition)

Smooth Diplomacy, Barry
(Throwing Israel Under the Bus Edition)
[Hat Tip: Chicago Boyz]

Leftie Talking Points Now Have An Expiration Under 24 Hours
(Just Because GOP May Be Learning How To Laugh Effectively)

You Say 'Intransigence' - I Say 'Principle'

They Are Who They Say They Are
(Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell Edition)
[Hat Tip: Right Truth]

No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal
(Future of the Republic Edition)

Green Eye Shade Bureaucrats Swing Into Immediate Action

LAS' Other New Favorite GOP Congressman Is Mad as Hell and He's Not Taking it Anymore!
[Capitol Hill Cage Match Tease]

Tingles TKOed By LAS' New Favorite GOP Congressman

It Turns Out 'Hope and Change' Has Very Low Margins of Profit.  Who Knew?

The Importance of the Movement is Determined by the Vitriol it's Opposition Throws at it.

Misunderstanders of Islam Fail to Go Through Proper Channels

Stupid or Treasonous?
[Big Lie Edition]

The Trouble With Liberals
(They'll Believe Anything the MSM Tells Them Edition]

The Intertubes ... The Hot New Place to Find the Fourth Estate

The Chicago Way?  Really?

Class Warfare as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
(aka Set Up Your Own Straw Man, Then Burn It)

Tyranny! (Recent and Existenstial Constitutional Contempt Edition)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
[False Campaign Narrative Edition]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
('Tweet This!' Edition)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
('Where the F**k is YOUR Plan, Barry?' Edition) - [video]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
(Polling Statistics Edition) - [video]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
(Calling Obama's Bluff Edition) - [video]

Democrat Governor Bows To Fiscal Reality
(Neither SEIU nor AFGE Available For Comment)

Next They Came For the Fat Kid

Lies, Damn Lies, and Everything Democrats Say
(False Witness Edition) - [video]

The Incredible Deflating Empty Suit

OK, We Got August Figured Out

Tyranny! (Goonion Miscarriage of Justice Edition)

Clearly a Terminal Case of Obama Idol Worship Disease (OIWD)

Morning Schmoe's Designated Dumb Blonde Thinks Republicans Are Soooooooo Mean. 

Memo To Chairman Issa: Subpoena this guy.  NOW.

"Leading From Behind" (Domestic Policy Edition)
[sidebar: Speaker said on Fox tonite, no movement until Empty Suit shows his plan.  Good idea.]

A Darned Good Readin' List

A 'Primary' (that's a verb) Threat (Promise) the GOP Better Pay Attention To

Stupid or Treasonous? (2nd Amendment and Rule of Law Edition)

Tyranny! (Drunken Sailor Edition)

It's a Start on Repeal.  Just a Start.

Barry's TwitJob:  All Q and No A.

Jane (Fonda) and Abbie's (Hoffman) Excellent Mediterranean Vacation

A Treatise: Being Simultaneously Conservative and Radical

Why Not Flying Cars, Per the Jetsons?

'Plouffe' to Enter Lexicon as Synonym For 'Moron'

What's the Policy, Barry?

Definition of Leftist "Compromise":  You Give, I Take.

Criminally Biased MSM Half-Life Reduced To 12 Hours

So, it Was 'Levana' Who Was the Fleebagger Sugar Daddy?

Reverse Discrimination is Discrimination Just the Same

I Am Frodo Baggins (or Spartacus, Take Your Pick)

Stimulus Sticker Shock
[hat tip: Moonbattery]

When Did Lennonesque Stop Being Leninesque?

The Fall of Rome and a Fancy Word - 'Demotic' - For 'Popular' (Not the Good Kind)

History Repeating ... In Eerily Parallel Fashion Twice In My Own Lifetime

Storm Clouds Gathering

Sign Me Up
[Re: Last Sentence of Article]

It's Official ... Egypt Destined To Become an Islamic Caliphate

If America Isn't Exceptional, Why Does It Have So Many Mediocre Liberal Media Hacks?

Conservative Warrior Princess Readies For Battle

Tyranny! (Article II, Section 4 Edition)

Economic Liberty is Good For You (They Measured it Scientifically) [video]

One Term - The Musical
[video] (obviously!)

Time To Repeal the Federal License To Molest

'Stupid or Treasonous?' (Becoming Trendy Edition)

And the Fleebaggers Said It Couldn't Be Done ... Heh.

The Reverend is Entitled to His Own Opinion ... But Not His Own Facts

Tyranny!  (Granny Molestation Edition)

CBS is Clearly a Network Run By Racists ... If You Can Come Up With a Better Explanation For This, Let Me Know.

This Could Be an LAS Acid Flashback.

Stimulate This, Barry.

Barry Declares 'Mission Aborted'

Crazy Uncle Joe Playing With Numbers (and Not On His Golf Card, Either)

Quickie Analysis:  Barry's Big Pull Out Speech

Collusion By Any Other Name, is Collusion Just the Same

The Freakie-Deekie Dutch (Goldmember ref) Come To Their Senses

This Guy Knows From Racists

Medvedev For Prez

A Really Good Idea

Barry Put Everything On 'Red' ... And the Wheel Came Up 'Black.'  Glad He Can Laugh About It.

What Happens When the Chief Executive is Bought and Sold?  Nothing Good. That's For Sure.

Rule of Law?  Progressive Admin?  [Cue Laugh Track]

"Well, some go this way, and some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut."
[Cheshire Cat]

Read This ... Then Try To Tell Me All Cultures Are Equal

'Fast and Furious' Really Beginning To Look Like Newton (Part 17) - Stay Tuned

"Smart Meters," aka "Penguins" (per 'The Blues Brothers')

Sharia: More Than Meets the Eye

Easy Come, Easy Go
(That's What My Depression Era Grandparents Used To Say)

Sunday Link O' Rama

The Tragic Decline of a "Comic"

Definitely Not a Quaker.

Property Rights.  An Allegory.

The PG Movie Disney Doesn't Want You To See

Giant Fire Ball In Space -or- Hairless Ape With Opposable Thumbs?
[who's in charge of whom?]

This Should Be Newton Part 17 (But I'm Too Tired Right Now)

Showdown at the Tripoli Corral (This One Has Camels Instead of Horses For Some Reason)

Quantitative Easing ... aka Passing Monopoly Money

The Smart Guy Explains Just Why His Plan is Needed

Wow, That Was Fast. 

Isn't That Special? (Church Lady)

Facts, Figgers, and Predictions ...
[Hat Tips: Protein Wisdom]

From Kirk (the conservative philosopher, not the starship captain) To Obama Must Fail

I'm John Galt, You're John Galt.
[Hat Tip: Brutally Honest]

Impeachment Is Back On The Table
(Barry Regime Too Stupid, Too Lazy, or Too Imperial To Honor War Powers Act With a Simple Resolution)

(Sovereignty and Real Politick To Benefit)

Union Election Standard Operating Procedure ... Fix First, Ask Questions Later.

Mixing Religion and Politics, Leftie Style

Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

Impeachment Is Back On The Table
(What Did Eric "My People" Holder Know, And When Did He Know It?)

Nothing I Haven't Seen On Primetime TV

Sharia Is Not First Amendment Compliant

That Old Hopey-Changey Feeling Ain't What It Used To Be

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rockefeller in 2012. [Putting Leftist 'Soak The Rich' Rhetoric Aside] 

Barry Admits To Incompetence

New World Order Releases Update To It's Business Plan

Leftist Gang Rape of Palin Emails Reveals .... Criminal Leftist Death Threats.

Throw In No Tax Increases (or 'Tax Expenditure' Reductions), And I'm On Board.
[No Compromise, No Quarter - Especially With a Strong Hand Courtesy of Weiner]

Yeah, But the NLRB Will Require All the Programmers to Be SEIU, So the System Will Suck Anyway.

Repeal is the Only Remedy For The Monstrosity
[Hat Tip: Mark Levin Show]

Gub'ment J-O-B Training ... aka Sit 'N Spin

Barry Said You can Keep Your Existing Plan If You Like It ... He Left Out *And If Your Employer Can Afford It*

Since We Stand On the Shoulders of Our ForeBearers, We Should Try To See the World Thru Their Eyes Once In Awhile. (Kirk and Hamilton Aren't a Bad Place To Start)

Criminally Biased MSM Jumps the Shark: Commits Gang Rape of Palin Emails

It Ain't Easy Out There (Pakistan Edition)

It Ain't Easy Out There (Yemen Edition)

What The Next POTUS Can Expect To 'Inherit' From BHO:  A Nuclear Armed Iran.

They Passed It ... Then Passed Out The Waivers ... And Now the Rest Of Us Are Finding Out What's In It.  GLWT.

How Does One Reason With the Unreasonable?  Here's an Idea - Stop Buying From Them What You Already Have In Your Own Ground.

"Dressed" as Zombies?  Really?  Doesn't Seem Like Much of a Stretch to Me.

Now, That's What I Call a Democrat!

Criminally Biased MSM and Donkey-Hacks: Faithful To Their Vows ('For Better or Worse, For Nobler or Ickier')

Has the Melting Pot Hit Critical Mass For Total Meltdown?

And What Happened to 'Growth'?  WTF, Is Four Things Too Many To Remember?

The View of 'Arab Spring' From Jerusalem (It's Defcon One and a Half)

Leftist Energy Policy Seismometer Registers 7.5

We Are What We Read

Now, That's the Juckin', Jivin', and Jabbin' GOP I Want To See

Americans Do *Not* Fear Competition, Precisely Because We *Are* Exceptional

WeinerGate Users Manual

Luv 'em Or Hate 'em ... At Least It's Funny.

Cure = Flat Rate, No Deductions.

Why All Cultures Are Not Relative, Some Societies Exceptional, and Other Societies Cess Pools

Breitbart on the Self-Loathing Liberal Jews Who Support BHO

New York Times:  Stimulus Has Failed!  What We Need Is More Stimulus!

You Have Nothing To Fear But the Weather Itself.
[Hat Tip: Nice Deb]

Progressive Surrender on War on Terror.  Now On To Economics.

2012 TEA Party Patriot Strategy:  Make the GOP Recognize 'Primary' as a Verb.

In Which The Object of the Source Article and LAS' Comment Provide Parallel Definitions For 'Pseudo-Intellectual'

The Low Down on Weiner's weiner

Perhaps We Should Use 7-11 Stores As Our Polling Stations
[Hat Tip: Left Coast Rebel)

Being Democrat Means Never Having To Pass a Budget

Giving a Clue to the Clueless (The Charity of the Times)

When I Was a Kid, the Guy Mowing Your Lawn Was a Teenager (Maybe Even Me), Now It's an Undocumented Democrat.

A Life; Well, Seriously, and Effectively Lived

The Meaning of Liberty vs. Tyranny, USA 2012 In a Nutshell.

Steyn On Obama: Never Assign a Boy To Do a Man's Job

Democracy?  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Democracy!

Smooth Diplomacy, Barry. [video]

Rule of Law 1, Open Borders and Amnesty Adminsistration 0

Establishment GOP Perilously Close To Self-Selecting For Extinction

Would You Buy Used Political Speech Rationing From These Guys?

You Can't Get a Waiver Unless You Ask. (So, Why Not Ask?)

You Can't Know Who Has Waivers If the Waiver Givers Are Playing 'Hide The Salami' (A Woody Allen reference, believe it or not)

If Barry Gets a "Clarification" On Borders, Herman Gets a "Clarification" on Right of Return
[Hat Tip: Tammy Bruce]

A Very Special Borders Request

Run, Paul, Run! [video]

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

And I Thought I Was "In" Because That Old Guy With The White Collar Told Me to Pick a Confirmation Name

Derstewitz For President

Ask Somebody Who Knows (Always Good Advice)

The View is Quite Different For the Guy With Real Skin In the Game

The Borking of Liu (And Well Deserved, Too)

Curiouser and Curiouser (Alice In Wonderland)
[Hat Tip: Political Brambles]

Moody's Rates Candle Manufacturers a Strong 'Buy'

This Newtonian Thing Is Catching On

False Premises Yield Faulty Conclusions (Liberalism Defined)

Money Wasted (If I Have Anything to Say About It)
[Answer to Linked Article Title: 'Because He Can']

hmmm could be (Bugs Bunny)

The Contemptible Left At Its' Worst, Swinging Into Action [video]

New Word: Hypocronyism

Coming Soon to Columbia University: the PhD in Cronyistic Ass-Kissing


President Pinnochio Flat Out Lies to Whiny Bureau Weenie to Make Them Both Feel Better